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Many will want to Improve or maintain the taste of your water with an undersink filtration system, or replacement filter, from various sites online. Which ones are the best? It can be hard to figure out, but with so many to choose from, we hope this forum will help determine the top device for your home or kitchen. is here to guide you on the way towards getting started on making a good decision about how to purify your home’s water supply for drinking, etc.

See also:   for quote about “sustained consumption of large amounts of soluble fluoride salts is dangerous.” It is hard to believe we have gone so long without being armed with lots of information about this substance… many will want to lower their consumption levels of fluoride after reading over these links that help with filtration.


Paying attention to water quality wasn’t something we did growing up in the United States much as children. The author thinks there are too many, far too many misinformed people looking for answers to chemicals in drinking water but not knowing where to turn for answers.  While this site can make no scientific claims because we are just average people surfing the web looking at various flouride filtration products online, we can hope that somewhere in this blog post someone can be helped by our efforts to inform them as to their options for improving and purifying drinking water with filtration.


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Fluoride filters and fluoride filters reviews and information.

Many claim that the fluoride that is added to water for fluoridation may not have FDA approval and is considered by the FDA as an “unapproved drug”. As the controversy surrounding public fluoridation of drinking water and more information is surfacing everyday about the harmful effects of water fluoridation, you maybe looking for a way to remove fluoride from your family’s drinking water.

Fluoride can be removed from drinking water, but most commercial water filters do not filter out the fluoride.

The three methods recommended for removing fluoride from drinking water by the EPA and WQA are using a activated alumina filter media, bone char carbon filter, and reverse osmosis systems. Regular carbon filters will not remove fluoride as some claim they do. A double multi-media cartridge filter system is needed to allow proper contact time for effective fluoride removal. The substance in the activated alumina filter cartridges is aluminum oxide, which the same chemical substance as sapphire and rubies, but without the impurities (this is not aluminum).



How to install an under-sink water filter

There are videos on other sites that demonstrate how to install an under-sink water filter system which delivers filtered water to a separate spigot by the sink. Learn about advantages of this filter type,how to find the best countertop location for the filter’s spigot, drilling through a granite countertop, placing and connecting the water filter.

The dual port angle stop allows separate control of the sink faucet and water filter system, and avoids having to cut a T into the faucet supply line. The installation also uses quarter in  tubing with simple push-in connections.

A Body Glove on-demand water filter could be an option, which he may reccommend. This filter has the following advantages over some other filter or reverse osmosis (RO) systems:

  • It processes water on demand. You can’t run out. (home RO systems process water slowly over time and store several gallons for use when needed.)
  • It does not store filtered water, which can become “stale” after an extended time of non-use (e.g., vacation).
  • It does not have any waste water associated with the filtering process. (RO systems dispose of far more water than the filtered water they produce) and many get rid of fluoride.
  • It processes over 500 gallons over the life of the filter, up to 10 times the capacity of some other commonly used filters (especially those used in refrigerators)

Additionally, the refrigerator’s filtering needs are easily handled by using the push-in PEX connections to add a T to the filter’s output line. This avoids separate filter costs for the refigerator and can be easily done in a very few minutes.

Time to complete 30 min – 1 hour depending on counter surface materail
Materials Filter kit, additional PEX tubing as required
Tools wrench, plyers or channel locks, drill, drill bits appropriate for the counter surface,
Optional tools flashlight
Skill level medium

Below is a list of commercial Fluoride Water Filters that are available for your home.

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Fluoride Filters from
Pure Earth Technologies, Inc. offers Double Counter Top Fluoride Water Filter with KDF/GAC, ULTIMATE TRIPLE COUNTER TOP FLUORIDE WATER FILTER FOR CITY WATER, Under Counter Fluoride Water Filters, Double Under-counter Fluoride Water Filter with KDF/GAC, ULTIMATE TRIPLE UNDER-COUNTER FLUORIDE WATER FILTER FOR CITY WATER, Whole House Fluoride Water Filters, and fluoride water filter cartridges.

Fluoride Water Filters from CRYSTAL QUEST®
CRYSTAL QUEST® Fluoride Water Filters utilize high capacity synthetic adsorbent media that is highly selective for fluoride, lead and arsenic. CRYSTAL QUEST® makes Residential Fluoride Water Filters, Commercial and Industrial Fluoride Water Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet (UV) water sterilizer systems, and all other Water treatment Products.

Fluoride Water Filters from
You can remove fluoride with the 2 or 3-canister water filters found in our store. Of the 2-canisters, the undercounter fluoride removing filter is our UC-2K-F. There are two countertop versions – one white called the CT-2K-F and one with beautiful chrome finish – the CT-2K-F-C.

Fluoride Filters from Vitasalus, Inc.
Vitasalus/Equinox Products offers the FluorideMaster™ Whole House Fluoride Water Filtration System. It utilizes an effective chemical-free, state-of–the-art, highly-specialized fluoride removal system. Utilizing premium-grade FluoriSorb™ media, it is designed to completely remove or significantly reduce fluoride, sediment and/or particulate matter from all of the water entering your home for 3 years or 300,000 gallons. The FluorideMaster™ system uses over 70 pounds of premium-grade FluoriSorb™ media (known as Hydroxyapatite/Bone Char) which significantly outperform other fluoride reduction filtration systems that use “activated alumina”. The FluorideMaster™ is one of the highest quality and most affordable whole house fluoride water filtration system available on the market.



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